New Media Interview

Michael Ahmann interviews Jiancarlo Cateriano Jiancarlo Cateriano is a 31 year old Italian cat who was born in San Diego, California. He spent a few years of his childhood growing up in Cali until he moved to the island of Oahu in Hawaii. As you can imagine, live was not very rough for a teenager who practically grew up on the beach underneath the palm trees. However, all of that changed when he moved to Washington State in 5th grade. This was a very big change from the tropical island weather that he was so accustomed to growing up. Jiancarlo credits this to have given him the adaptability to change that he has. He also was able to see much of the world at a young age while travelling with his mother who worked for an airline company. Being able to see much of the world opened his eyes to different things and he was able to experience much of the art and architecture that is in Europe. In thinking about his future and what he wanted to pursue, he decided that the melancholy life of a businessman or doctor would not be suitable for him. Design and exploring his own ideas was what he felt he was being drawn to. “Everything you do in life is a choice,” explained Jiancarlo; “design is how you live your life, it’s a lifestyle.” One of his major influences in design is Diter Rams, a German designer for the company Braun. Diter was a man who found it necessary to design every item in his home right down to the soap dishes and knobs on his cupboards. Jiancarlo then went on to say how the design for the iPod was stolen from Rams. “Everything in the design world is a rip-off,” he stated. Even Pablo Picasso said that “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” At the top of his bucket list is to have a fulfilling job/career and make a comfortable living in doing so. He wants to find something that will enable him to “live neck up instead of neck down,” and also so that he can lose less of his “inner child.” Next, he wants to own a piece of property or a home in which it is entirely his. Paying rent is fun for so long right? Next, he wants to become independently wealthy in the sense that he is spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially stable. Everyone wants to be at peace in all aspects of their life and having a wealth of something does not just apply to the financial. He also wants to own a mint condition Porsche 911; nearly every mans dream car at some point. Last but not least, Jiancarlo would like to give mixology a try and see if he can cultivate the most exotic of cocktails. Overall, this guy was a cool cat with a lot of interesting and cool things to say. He also has a great sense of vision and in working with him for a short time we have already put together some quality ideas for our upcoming work.