5x10 Video Summary

Fresh Grounds  

Working with Jiancarlo on the video for our New Media class was a lot of fun. Our first idea for the project was different cuts of Seattleites getting their daily coffee as the theme for the video is 'A Day in the Life'. We ended up getting set up in the photography studios and doing a French Press video. Our shots were close up and seemed kinda infomercial-esk which was interesting. I would have liked to spend more time getting our ideas on paper and brainstorming more on the topic. We did all of the shots in one evening and I do not think that it was an adequate amount of time to put quality work together. I like video a lot, but I think that it takes a lot more time to conceive the vision for the topic.

It took some getting use to to control the camera and the pan/tilt head because I had borrowed one from a friend that I was not familiar with. This project is very basic and I would like to have more direction and collaborating with other people. Also, we are using Premier which neither I nor my instructor is familiar with which makes the learning process slow. I like fast paced, trial by fire learning which I assumed a 6 credit course would offer. I am tired today and don't have much patience which is why I am ranting.