Photo Journal V3

  billy-kidd-Shelby-Truax-goldThis is an Image by Billy Kidd and the model is Shelby Traux. I find this very inspiring in the sense of using bold colors such as gold to highlight a vintage filter set such as what was used in this picture. The model is absolutely gorgeous and I like the contradicting things being told in the image. Her hair is messy, there is not much saturation and the image overall looks dull and dark and vintage. The gold highlights in her eyebrows and in her lipstick really stands out and makes the image pop. It also adds to the vintage and luxurious feel being portrayed in the image. I would like to try this sometime with a model in the studio because I think it is very striking and it is nicely done. I am not sure how to replicate this affect in Photoshop or Lightroom yet, but I like what he did. The lighting is also interesting in the sense that there is a key and a fill possibly in the front, and a single light highlighting the background behind her. It would be fun to try and reproduce this image.



This is an image by Mary Ellen Matthews, the photographer for SNL and the station it airs on. Like the last picture the color balance is very interesting and I like the dull colors a lot. To me, these color contrasts are not normally used by photographers and if I was to start shooting fashion or portraits I would like to replicate this style in my own way but keep the same fundamentals. The model is James Franco and I like the lighting set up as it highlights several features such as his cheek bone which stands out.


The main inspiration this week for me has been learning how to use Lightroom with more proficiency; If I can be able to understand color balance better and how to create my own presets I would feel as if I have made a huge step in my editing. Tutorial videos and asking more questions in class are soon to come.