Final Words on Videotography Module

[embed][/embed] In wrapping up the videotography module with Jiancarlo as my partner, I learned that making a video is a lot harder than I originally thought. It is one thing to conceive an idea about what you want to show in a video, but an entirely different thing to put ideas into an actual video. Our original idea was great but when we started to work on the recording of the video, our ideas became simplified. If I were to do this video again, I would put a lot more planning into the process and spend more time with the shots. Using sliders and glide cams was something that I really wanted to utilize but I was confused about the check out policy for first year students and ended up just using my tripod. All in all, I had a lot of fun putting this together and I met a cool guy that I will look to if I ever need any graphic design help.