Photo Journal V4

Stoplights in Fog This picture is inspiring to me because of the awesome use of long exposure and thinking outside the box. I have yet to really dive into using my shutter release and my tripod but hopefully I will soon. The lights shining through the fog is really the selling point for me in this image. If it was just at night, you would not be able to see the individual beams or get the eerie feel that you get from this picture. It is a brilliant capture to say the least and I would like to try and capture something similar in my lifetime. The red tint is also very intriguing as red is in general. I wonder how long it took for the lights to cycle through and if he was using bulb. I could not find any info about the photographer that took this photo as I found it off Tumblr, which rarely has the credentials; great place to find inspiration though!



This image inspires me because of the use of blue and red light. I have seen many pictures that use this technique and I must say that I like it a lot. It is an extremely moody shot and the model adds to the moodiness with her expression. I am attracted to the red in the picture like I was in the previous but I wonder how hard it is to capture red tones in camera. I have heard that it is a concert photographer’s worst nightmare but for something like this it must have been easier to lock in the settings on camera. Again, I like the idea of using blue and red to highlight different sides of the models face.