Photo Journal V5

01_Mainpic_01 David Bailey is an inspirational photographer to me because the guy has taken a portrait of pretty much every famous person on the planet. He uses analog cameras but the images he creates are amazing. Mainly in black and white, he captures the essence of the person that he is shooting. I want to figure out what else makes this man so great besides the fact that he can take a clean picture of the most famous people to live. Just the thought of being able to meet this many people gets me wondering how this man found himself as the man to get your portrait taken from. My guess is that he has been in the business for a long, long time and that he has a ton of connections. I would consider him to be one of the masters of photography and I am sure that he will be presented to us in one of the following weeks during our 141 class.


This image is inspirational to me because it makes me want to see the world and find an adventure somewhere. I guess I am living an adventure right now in going to school and meeting new people and learning new things, but I want to see the world and explore outside of the northwest (although I have not done that much exploring even here). Needless to say, as a student you do not have many options. I will just have to get out of my comfort zone even more and meet people with cars and who would be up for taking me on trips with them. Someday I will own one of these vans and travel the country with it.