Photo Journal V6

tumblr_nekha8H2LF1tztprgo1_500This image is via a blogger off of Tumbler by the handle Wolf Tramp. He posts vintage images and this one stood out to me specifically because of the double exposure. I would really like to try and experiment with this technique because I think it shares two stories in one. It's almost as if the image shown inside the girls silhouette is a peek into the wild nature of her soul. I think that it is a beautiful concept and the color pallet is perfect; vintage and mysterious. tumblr_n60zna0ls41qin2xoo2_1280This image was also pulled off Tumblr from an unknown author. I find the change from dark to light very striking and the photographer captured it perfectly. This seems to be a pretty simple use of this technique as the shift is so drastic, but I would like to try and find subtler form to photograph. It is also perfect for the the season in showing the shift in seasons from fall to winter.