Holiday Mood Board

For the end of the quarter project, a mood board was created by two graphic designers and then given randomly by instructors to myself and other photography students. There was no communication between the designers or the photographers forcing us photographers to interpret the mood board and brief description in our own way. I planned a shoot, gathered the materials, and then printed and mounted the final product on a board to be displayed on the walls. The designers then have to figure out which image goes to their mood board! The theme was, "All I want for Christmas" and the descriptors that I was given focused on warmth, contentment, accomplishment, and a nice glass of scotch by the fireplace. Michael_Ahmann_2016_PHO131_MB

For my set, I experimented with the backdrop adding the two white boards on either side to get the nice even reflections on the edges of the glass. I also used a 'cookie' for the background light to give it some texture and a mirror to camera left to bounce some light on the book and pipe. I used 3 Arri lights for this shoot.