Susan from Seattle

Susan and I met when she moved into the house I was sharing in the South Beacon Hill area of Seattle. She seemed to be a very interesting person and liked to talk a lot and tell stories about her past adventures with her 15 year old husky Quinn. Susan has a lot of heart, loves to laugh, and is an incredible listener which resonated with me a lot and we soon became close friends. 

One of Susan's favorite stories to tell is the one when she was living in Portland and ran a kindergarten out of her house for several years. She was married at the time and her kindergarten was centered around love and acceptance and involvement in activities and playtime. The house that she was running the school out of had a big yard that had many different play areas and gardens where her husband and herself would teach the children about gardening and how to grow their own food. The children were also encouraged to create a lot of art and participated in several projects throughout the day which covered the walls of the house. Susan loves children and has a deep passion for teaching and sharing her experiences. 

Unfortunately, Susan and her husband had a falling out and ended up separating and going their own ways. Susan still had the house, but after several catastrophes like a water line exploding and the heat going out in the dead of winter she decided that it was time to move on. She is an extremely positive person and does not let anything stop her from being happy or going for the goals that she has. She rented her house out and moved to Washington State where she has lived ever since. 

Living with Susan has been one of the best roommate experiences I have had to this date. She is funny, considerate, generous, and is an amazing cook. We would share many stories with each other over our short time of living together but more importantly we have become very close and friends for life. 

I was pretty sad when Susan told me that she would be heading back to the Brooklyn, her home town. Her job had closed its doors leaving her unemployed and after several years in Seattle she was feeling restless and wanting a new adventure. She is currently driving cross country with her husky and has told me that she is already having a blast. Susan, you are a wonderful soul; until we meet again. Check out her blog by clicking the link below: