Fresh Meister // New Media Ad Campaign

For my new media class, a graphic designer and myself were tasked with making an ad campaign for a product or a service; What we created was beyond our wildest dreams. 

Our mood board for the assignment.

Our mood board for the assignment.


The leading brand in mens deodorant. 

Are you tired of weakly deodorants only getting you half way through the day? We are too. Fresh Meister brings cutting edge deodorant performance directly to your pits with its plug and play technology. You wont be able to handle the freshness.

Our slogan is, "a fragrance that grows on you", and we literally mean that. After only one application, Fresh Meister is ready to bring you ample amounts of freshness for the rest of your life. 

With three new scents: Cascade Cornucopia, Manifesting Meadow, and Citrus Cluster, you will be able to choose a fragrance that not only suits your lifestyle, but the man within the man. 


Find us on Instagram @FreshMeister and post your freshness experience with #itgrowsonyou.

facebook mockup.jpg

We have over 2 million likes on Facebook!


Look for our ads in the Stranger and on store shelves near you.