Vans Marketing Pt.2


Vans is not about corporate meetings or three piece suits or making sure that your entire life is organized in your Google calendar. The customers that Vans attract are the young guns, the independents, the rebels, the musicians, the artists, and the boardriders. The brand embodies individuality and the creative mindset that young adults and all who are wild at heart have inside themselves.  They are about pushing boundaries, the feeling of invincibility, living life on the wild side, hanging out with friends, and enjoying life. 

Some of the competition that Vans has is from other shoe brands such as Nike, Converse and Adidas. Nike and Adidas have originally marketing towards the more athletic and sport oriented crowd but are now branching out and making skate and surf-oriented shoes as well. Converse shoes have been Vans biggest competition in my opinion because they have branded themselves as one of the 'classics' for musicians and artists alike as well as in the skate scene. Overall, these competing brands are trying to sell the same independent lifestyle that Vans has marketed so well.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Age, they have been around since 66', have made a good name for themselves, considered the 'originals', one of the first skate/independant lifestyle shoes. They have a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles for their shoes. Their brand connects with a broad range of individuals. Have a pretty good hold on the Californian skate/surf/beach lifestyle. Their brand extends into several other areas such as apparel, music festivals, house parties, and other events and collaborations. 

Weaknesses: Some can argue that they are not the most durable shoes, or that the lifestyle that they promote is not a healthy or good lifestyle. 

Opportunities: Promotion through music, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, festivals, and other iconic people that they sponsor. Partnering with other brands. Documentaries of real life individuals. 

Threats: Competition by other similar shoe companies. New shoe companies starting up. Possibly fading out as trends start to change. 


PEST Analysis

Political: Instable trade or labor laws with foreign countries. 

Economic: Interest rate changes. International growth. 

Social: Popular in the skate/surf/music scene, been around since the 60's, probably not going to change the brand very much. Popular fashion statement with the younger crowd. Large demographic with men and women alike, largely in the United States. Cool and fun advertising campaigns that show an attractive lifestyle. 

Technological: Always pushing the limits of shoe design. Innovative. Great web presence where you can buy direct and several supporting websites.